Thankful for our growing school


Thankful for our growing school

Our school has experienced tremendous growth this year! We are excited about the opportunities that have presented themselves this year. We couldn’t have made the strides that we have without a few people that we would like to thank for their help.


We would like to thank all of our student’s parents for trusting us with the education of your children. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We hope that you will continue to volunteer, fund raise and stay involved just as you have done all along.


Making the decision to form our PTA has been a monumental step forward for our school. Our best ideas come from concerned and involved parents who take the extra time necessary to be a part of our meetings. Thank you for helping us grow PTA! We encourage everyone to make the time to visit our monthly meetings. Contact Marlenia at the school office about meeting time and location.


The work it takes to make the school a success is a daunting tasks. But each day little by little these tasks are slowly being taken on by volunteer workers. Their time spent has collectively added up and benefited the school in immeasurable ways. Our website design Hot Springs, Arkansas is managed completely on a volunteer basis along with a few of our sports programs, box tops for education fund raiser and much more. We are so grateful for the time you spend enriching our school.

It takes people coming together to make our school what it is today. We’ll need to continue to work together to make sure our school stays grounded and focused on the future.

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